The 79th TTCA annual Fall Tournament will be on Saturday,
October 5,  2024. 
Location to be announced.

Tournament will begin promptly at 10 am (EST).  Louisville Time.

Black Belt testing immediately following tournament!

     TTCA Tournament Information

All participants must be a T.T.C.A. member or an invited affiliated school.     In sparring competition the divisions are arranged according to age, sex, and rank. Protective equipment allowed is as follows:  Groin protector, shin/instep guard, forearm guard, mouth guard ( white only).  Both traditional style sparring and form competition are available for participants.  Traditional style is a no contact sparring where contestants exhibit excellent technique while combining it with proper power, speed, balance and control.
      Competitors are referred to as HONG and BAEK or RED and NO COLOR in Traditional Sparring. The Hong contestant wears a red flag so that judges can discern between the two competitors. 
Trophies are awarded for 1st - 4th place in each division.

Divisions are as follows:

Mini Pee Wee: 4-8 Years old
Pee Wee: 9-11 Years old
Juniors: 12-15 Years old
Women:  16-39 Years old
Senior:  40 and up
Men:  16-39 Years old

Weapons competition of Nunchaku and Bo Staff are divided into two divisions
Beginners (white - Brown belt) and Advanced (chodan - Sadan)
Weapon competition is judged in five areas of scoring: handling and knowledge of weapon, flow of
movements, difficulty, artistic expression, and technical correctness.  Performance can be free style or an existing form.  There is a one minute time limit!

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