Great-Grandmaster Choi performs his trademark demonstration of kicking an apple off of the end of a razor sharp sword.

Great-Grandmaster Choi, Young Sik is a very unique man who has dedicated his entire life to learning and  promoting the art of tae kwon do and passing it on to others who wish to learn.  Great-Grandmaster Choi has had a very long and distinguished career in tae kwon do and has always strove to teach not only the technical and physical aspects of  tae kwon do, but also to instill in his students the values and traditions that have been passed down from Master to student for thousands of years. 

     Great-Grandmaster Choi always required that his students learn how to think and  reason ,  and to appreciate all that life has to offer them and to handle those undesirable things that life puts in their path.     
Grandmaster began studying tae kwon do in 1958 at the Chung Do Kwan Institute.  Since then he has come along way in his tae kwon do journey.  On October 30, 1966, at the age of 18, he was awarded the Gold Metal for outstanding personal technique by President Park, Chung Hee in the first Presidential Flag Tournament of South Korea.  Then a 3rd 
degree black belt,  he won against a previously undefeated opponent.  Great-Grandmaster Choi has an impressive history in tae kwon do, he has won twelve (12) first place gold metals in state, national, and international competitions.

     Great-Grandmaster Choi went on to serve as a presidential body guard for the South Korean President and the chief  instructor for the South Korean Army.  He was chosen to instruct at the Republic of China Military Police School and the Tae Pai American School in Taiwan.  In 1976 he was invited to the U.S. by Master Chung, Nak Young under direction of Grandmaster Son, Duk Sung of WTA to teach at Evansville, IN.  He then re-located to Louisville, KY where he took over the Louisville Tae Kwon Do School.  Since Coming to the U.S.  he has received many honors including  the Admiral award of Omaha, Nebraska and city  keys to both Omaha and Kansas City, Missouri.  On June 10, 1995 the mayor of Louisville proclaimed that day as Louisville Tae Kwon Do Day and then in 1992 he was presented with the distinguished Citizen Award of Louisville.  In July of 2004 he was tested for his 9th degree black belt by Grandmaster Cho and Grandmaster Park, Hae Man.  This degree was granted by Grandmaster Uhm, Woon Kyu, Head of Kukkiwon Institute and Chung Do Kwan.  Great-Grandmaster Choi began Traditional Tae Kwon Do Chung Do Kwan Association on January 1, 1996.  Taking semi-retirment on March 19th, 2022 with full retirement on March 16th, 2024 when he instated Grandmaster Tom Crecelius as President of T.T.C.A.