Chief-master Tom Crecelius, 9th Dan performing first movement of Edan form, Ship soo.

Record of Accomplishment in Tae Kwon Do

March 9, 1972   Began taking classes from instructor Mr. Vincent Newkirk
October 1, 1977  Chodan received - Mount Carmel, IL - Grandmaster D.S. Son
May 2, 1984   Edan received - Madison, WI - Grandmaster D.S. Son
September 2, 1990  Samdan received - Omaha, NE - Grandmaster D.S. Son
September 18, 1994  Sadan received - Omaha, NE - Grandmaster D.S. Son
October 6, 1996  Odan received - Louisville, KY - Great Grandmaster W.G. Lee and Master Y.S. Choi
June 21, 2004   Yuk dan received - Louisville, KY - Master Y.S. Choi, 8th Dan
October 4, 2008  Chil Dan received - Louisville, KY - Grandmaster Y.S. Choi, 9th
July 14, 2012   Pal Dan received - Louisville, KY - Grandmaster Y.S. Choi,and Woon Kyu Uhm
January 20, 2022 Goo Dan received - Chicago, IL - Grandmaster Y.S. Choi

Chief-Master Crecelius has served on the TTCA Board of Directors under Grandmaster Choi as TTCA  Coordinating Director since January 1, 1996.  He coordinates all TTCA events such as Tournaments, camps and testings.   Oversees all TTCA color belt testing with Chief-master LaVanchy.
Chief-Master Crecelius has participated in over 80 WTA and TTCA tournaments where he has competed and also judged, refereed  and overseen rings.  He has attended 31 summer camps and two (2) seminars with Grandmaster H. M. Park and completed referee training seminars through WTA, TTCA and received a training certificate from Grandmaster H.M. Park.

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