Saturday, May 31, 2024!  Next Camp!

Each June TTCA sponsors the "Grandmaster Choi's Summer Camp!"  The name being a tribute to our Great-Grandmaster's legacy of over 60 years promoting the art of tae kwon do.  Great-Grandmaster Choi started the camp in 1982 and it continues on today under Grandmaster Crecelius and Master Katie Crecelius. 

For three days we meet at O'Bannon Woods in Corydon, IN for a wonderful weekend. 

TTCA members get educational seminars and classes in self defense, culture, philosophy, forms and technique by TTCA masters and invited guests, five great meals including a traditional Korean meal on Saturday evening.   There are lots of activities like games, canoeing, fishing, hatchet throwing, karaoke, swimming, horseback riding and more.  It changes every year.

Traditional Tae Kwon Do Chung Do Kwan Association
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