Grandmaster Young Sik Choi
9th Dan Black Belt

  • Advises and counsels  all T.T.C.A.        instructors and members.
  • Technical advisor.
  • Conducts all T.T.C.A. black belt testings.

Executive Director:
Chief-Master Charlie LaVanchy
9th Degree Black Belt

Coordinating Director:
Chief-Master Tom Crecelius
9th Degree Black Belt

  • Assistant to Grandmaster Choi.
  • Conducts color belt testing.

  • Schedules testing, tournaments and T.T.C.A events.                               
  • Facilitates the general organization of T.T.C.A.
  • Public Relations advisor.
  • Conducts color belt testing.
  • Counsels Masters and Instructors.

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